The Story

After living in Los Angeles for 10 years (where the music studios are plentiful, both high dollar & low budget) I got used to the fact that all artists could get their ideas & inspirations recorded with relative ease, whether they had $100.00 or $100,000.00. There were so many studios, no matter where you lived, getting into a studio was never a problem. I spent most of my time in many of them, working on both sides of the console (as a studio musician & 2nd engineer). I learned about the process, from writing, to recording-mixing & mastering.

Most of all, I learned about the mighty 2 inch multi-track recorder. In those days the 2 inch machine ruled, hands down, there was really nothing else. Digital was in its infancy, very expensive and problematic. So after spending my last couple of years in a touring band based in LA, I ended up living back in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Home, sweet home!

The difference was amazing! There were only a few low budget rooms (that didn't use 2 inch), and only a few high budget 2 inch rooms in Philadelphia. This seemed very limiting to me, and to tell you the truth, I never dreamed of opening a quality studio because I knew the expense of one of the main ingredients--the cost of a new modern 2 inch 24 track machine. So, I was happy recording my creations in my basement on my 1/4 inch open reel 4 track machine. The quality wasn't there, but at least I was able to work on my music.

And then a wonderful thing happened! The invention of the MDM (modular digital multi-track), you know them as the DA-88 or ADAT. This meant that 16 bit quality & video transport reliability were suddenly affordable. I decided to take the plunge and opened TuneRoom Studios (which I believe was the first studio in the Wilmington DE area to offer 8 tracks of 16 bit ADAT).

Much has changed over the years...I started with 1 ADAT, a Neumann mic & a Studiomaster console. Now I am currently mixing on a TRIDENT Console with 24 bit Digital Editing & Hard Disk Recording in "PRO TOOLS". This format insures my commitment to the future and supports compatibility with most serious commercial rooms.

Well... (as they say) The rest is history...I'm still here... I still love it!
But remember, no matter what studio you choose... "NO ONE CAN MAKE IT SOUND GOOD IF IT AIN'T!" Work on your craft, make it the best it can be and it will shine through.

Best Regards...I look forward to seeing you in the Studio!