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The Story

After living in Los Angeles for 11 years from 1977 to 1988 (where the music studios are plentiful, both high dollar & low budget) I got used to the fact that all artists could get their ideas & inspirations recorded with relative ease, whether they had $100.00 or $100,000.00. There were so many studios out there, no matter where you lived, getting into a studio was never a problem, plus it also meant work for me.

I spent most of my time in many of them, working on both sides of the console (as a Studio Musician & 2nd Engineer). The whole time learning about the process, from writing, to recording to mixing & mastering that went on for nine years.Then I got a Gig with a Touring Band Based out of Los Angeles, and after two years that was over and I ended up back in Wilmington De., ...Home Sweet Home !!!

"I wanted to get back into Recording"

But the difference between LA and here was amazing! Here there were only a couple low budget rooms, and only a couple high budget 2 inch rooms in Philadelphia that were very expensive, and no work. This seemed very limiting to me and I saw a need for more Studios in the area but knew I couldn’t afford a 2 inch twenty four track or even a 1 inch sixteen track machine for my room.

And then a wonderful thing happened! The invention of the MDM (modular digital multi-track), you know them as the Tascam DA-88 or Alesis ADAT. This meant that 16 bit quality Recording & video transport reliability were suddenly affordable, I bought my first ADAT and Tune Room Studios was born.

Much has changed over the years (and it's still changing)… now there are many more Studios in the area and countless Recordings being made in the Bedrooms and Basements all over the world. The difference is the gear.

Tune Room Studios uses the same PROFESSIONAL PRO TOOLS TDM SYSTEM as found in the largest most Famous and Expensive studios in the business. We Mix Out of the Box on a Trident 24 Console with Urei and Genelec Reference Monitors and an extensive Professional Level Mic and Tube Outboard Gear collection (see gear page).

Tune Room Studios offers a Acoustically Correct Controlled Environment with a 300+ sq. ft. Studio w/15’ ceiling, a 80 sq. ft. "isolation" booth w/12’ ceiling, and a small Corner "isolation" Booth in the Studio, quality instrumentation, and a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

We can do most projects, big or small, Music Recording to Spoken Word. We have Experience in most Styles and Genre’s and a Commitment to the Future that is ongoing!

After all these years I still Love it...cause'...IT JUST KEEPS GETTIN' BETTER!

See ya in the Studio !!!


It’s all about the music!